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Turbine powered Go Karts full and details on TURBINE BAJA 

Chris's Turbines.....Turbocharger turbines with cool AFTERBURNER     Turbo Chris

Turbine engines and parts   Avon Aero

Gas turbine hobbyist   Mark Nye

Turbine boat builder N2speed Turbine Boats        Tim Aldridge

Mercruiser  engines and drives   Moss Marine

Garrett Airesearch APU's & great source for misc parts (solenoids,ingitors,etc.)    Coastal Aerospace

Turbine and Steam hobbyist  Jerry Green

Turbine engine collector   Ian Bennett

      Check out the tons of info and cool boats at      Classic Glastron 

Great collection of small gas turbines/APU's     Mike Allen

RR Gnome project    Eirik Karlsen

Boeing T-50 project    Glenn S

Crazy Jet Vehicles  Bruce Simpson

GM's turbine Firebird    Conklin Systems

The Chrysler Turbine Car (check out the engineering manual!)    Turbine Car

More on the Chrysler Turbine Car       Doug 440

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