Jan 2004

The T53-L13 engine was rigged for a test start up in its shipping can. here are some pictures.







Dec 2003

The Baja was back at my shop for some normal  boat related maintenance this winter.   A 25 hr inspection of all systems was performed and the compressor was given a wash and paint job for continued protection in the harsh marine environment. The interior trim work was also updated, here are some pics.

Side upholstery  was replaced to match the graphics on the exterior of boat.

Cleaned up and painted compressor section.



July 22nd 2003     


Here are some photos of the finished Baja 19 sport.  The boat looks great and runs even better.  Be sure to check out the video  of this boat and the Glastron in action - VIDEO

baja in water

baja on trailer

 Custom made stainless pipes

baja rear view

 Fighter canopy windscreens.

baja front view. hatch up

 Engine cover

baja engin covered

Engine showing cold air intake box that feeds the compressor.

baja engine compressor intake box

 Dash details...

baja 190 dash veiw

JAN 2003


The new year is off to a good start  here at  I just purchased a 33ft Fountain boat and a T53-L13B turbine engine.   Work on the Fountain will start in the fall of '03. I need to finish up the Baja and then have some fun this summer.

fountain 10 meter

big red boat

 Fountain 10 Meter

big red

T53-L13B engine

T53-L13B engine

Oct 2002
I have been working on a second turbine powered boat. It is a 19 ft Baja Sport. The boat is being built for a fellow turbine enthusiast. You can see  details of his projects at  TURBOKART.COM   
           The boat is complete and  the final touches are going on now. Stainless steel exhaust elbows are being fabricated to replace the temporary pipes seen here...  More  pics and video to come.
Baja 190 in water
baja 190 front veiw in water


Sept 2nd ,2001

Here's a few shots of the finishing work. I still have a bit of trim work left to go.

Front view of boat.

front veiw

Here's the "New and Improved" CVX Logo!

new logo

  This pic shows the carpet and seats 

interior view

The red Glastron stripe is carried over to the engine cover.

eng cover emblem

  Sept 17th, 2001

Here are  a few shots,  taken last weekend.

boat in water


eng/drive close up

boat afloat


blastin around the bay

taking off again...

 The boat  looks great and runs even better,  I did an 85 mile run this weekend  without a hitch.  I am still playing around with props. The chopper style seems best for top speed. My every day prop is a 23 pitch Laser II . 

The  refinishing and performance of the boat exceed my expectations.   I shot some more video and will post it as soon as time permits.

Oct 1,2001        

        The Interior trim work is complete and looks great. 


interior trim work... sweet!!!


interior,port side

interior,overhead view


The red is generously sprayed on. After drying overnight the red  was taped off and masked  to form the stripe. Then the white color was applied. Again, Imron was used.

Here are two pictures of the boat after the white was sprayed and the masking removed. The paint needs to harden for a day or so and then wet sanded and buffed smooth.

        Pardon the photos, the boat is wedged sideways in my garage and it 's hard to capture the entire boat in the pictures.

white and red paint

white and red side view



  Getting  down to business... Here's the boat back on the trailer. It has been  primed  with an epoxy primer and the  first coat of the red accent stripe is going on. Imron is used for paint .

primed, red stripe going on



A few more coats...

red stripeon white prime


July 2001

Here's a shot of the  finished bottom. It was sprayed with gel coat, which is pigmented fiberglass resin , by local fiberglass expert Dennis Vogel . This is the original construction method and  it will hold up like a new boat.  The gel coat is then wet sanded and buffed to a shine.

shines like a diamond in a goats ass!



  Here's the boat flipped over . The bottom has been sanded and any imperfections in the hull have been filled.  A slight bit of rocker was put into the hull to improve performance.

sanded and ready  hull

May 24th,2001 

 The engine and interior are out of boat and it's ready to be flipped and prepped for new gel coat.


April 30th, 2001

 I have purchased 2 bucket seats for the boat. I have begun to strip off the bottom paint to ready the hull for refinishing and decided to pull the engine and flip the hull in order to spray new gel coat on the underside.  I will also try to fill in and or grind away the slight bit of hook in the hull at this time. I'm pretty much settled on a white with red stripe color scheme.  I want to get in at least one more run out there before I do this and post some video clips. Stay tuned... 

October 21st 2000 

     Due to a busy schedule at work, I have only been running the boat once a week. So far I have 20 hrs on the clock without any trouble.  Here are some of the recent improvements.

Marty at Moss Marine, built a second, upper unit for drive using a different gear ratio. We changed the gearing from 1.50:1 to 1.84:1.  I want the engine's output shaft (N2) to reach  100%, its rated speed. 

I have also added a nose cone to the outdrive to insure the prop receives  an undisturbed flow of "clean" water, and to reduce drag.

With the gear ratio change I am now obtaining 100% N2 speed, which means I am spinning the outdrive at 6,000 rpm. I'm able to turn a 23 pitch prop without over torque-ing the engine.                                                                                        

Performance is great with the new set up.

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