I have always had an interest in turbine engines. When I was a teenager, I went to a local tractor pull. One of the tractors had a turbine engine on it. From the instant I heard the sound of it spooling up, I was hooked. I knew someday, someway, I had to have one. This dream started to materialize in October1998. I heard about an auction for several large surplus turbine engines.

These engines were huge. I had no place to put them, or no use for them due to their size, but I bid on them anyway, and won. I made several calls and then got in contact with Bruce at Avon Aero in Danville Indiana. I worked out a deal to trade these engines for an operational Allison T63-A700 and all the goodies needed to run it.

Wes, loading engines on truck

Loading engines on truck to Avon

Shortly after the engines  arrived in Indiana, my wife and I set out on a road trip from our home on Long Island N.Y. to Avon Aero.

Bruce's Facility is something to be seen. He has four buildings full of engines and parts. It's "turbine heaven". He gave us a full tour of the place, and his operation is nothing short of first class, very professional, clean and well organized.

After Bruce test ran the engine for me, we loaded it up and headed home.

T63 on stand at Avon   T63 test stand at Avon

T63 being demonstrated on test stand at Avon Aero.


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