Here are some more photos of Das Boot in action.

marty eric fly by

marty eric pass

Marty and I blast around the bay with a 19 pitch Mirage prop pushing us along. N2 is only turning at 80%. I need to reduce pitch to allow n2 to reach its rated output speed of 100%. Top speed with this prop is 70mph.  Boat cruises comfortably at 55 or so mph,n2 at 60% ,EGT at 690C and pulling moderate torque pressure.  This is all with no performance add ons to the outdrive. A completely stock set up. Prop testing will continue...

one  very cool drive Here's a close up of drive shower. Drive stays very cool with this "waterfall" splashing down on it. I expect no problems turning the drive up to 6000 rpm .


What better way to warm up those cold knuckles after a high speed  blast around the  bay !

marty eric ; hand warmer


My wife  enjoys the boat as much as the guys do. Here we are setting up for a run.

liza eric set up


A fast pass... check out the new hair style on my wife !  Notice the boat's position in the water. It's up on plane perfectly, minimum amount of hull in the water, handling is excellent and should improve when I add a nose cone to the drive and better prop.

Liza fast pass:new hairdo



Liza and I spool up for another run!

liza/eric another run

Check back for performance updates.

 Also in the works is a cosmetic makeover including new bucket seats, carpeting and exterior facelift.


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